When we sit down with new clients to discuss how they have managed their money to date and what we can do to help going forward, the main issue raised is that clients are “fed up of being put in a box” by their previous adviser. That’s not our approach. This usually relates to the […]

A new marathon has been announced this year. We will see the inaugural Shrewsbury Marathon take place in June and given the publicity it has already received, I imagine it will be a popular event. So how does one go about training for such a day and what implications does this have for your investments? […]

I am thinking of writing a book called Investor Income Anxiety. I see more and more cases of people desperate to take an income from their assets but face a reduced amount as they have historically used cash. These people are being forced to consider moving up the risk scale purely because interest rates are […]

Recently I was asked to write a blog for a website used by investment advisers. I decided to do a rather “punchy” piece, to really get the message across. Apologies in advance for the strong opinions viewed, but I felt it was necessary! BLOG: Are some financial advisers that gullible? Picture the scene; it’s the […]

There was a hill relay competition in the Church Stretton yesterday, with some serious challenges involved for all participants. You can find more details here http://merciarelays.org.uk/ on the four different races and the inclines involved. It looks like no mean feat. These athletes didn’t just decide to take part without any training, they have spent […]